Why You Should Do Business In Argentina

Argentina has a generally low economic environment but people from other countries still make investments in the county in spite of this making the number of greenfield investments to rise. Another plus it that Argentina ranks fifth in the foreign investment stock in South America. Click here to learn more.

The government of Argentina has put  a new law called the Ley de Emprendedores  into existence, the new law allows entrepreneurs to make a formal recording of their entire business online. In the past the process of online registration of businesses took close to one month but after the law was passed the process takes less than twenty four hours. An entrepreneur is able to make a formal recording of a simplified business entity, a bank account and an identification number in the registration process. A temporary business address can also be registered by the entrepreneur.

Argentina has the greatest potential when it comes to recording of money balance electronically on a store-value card or other device. The citizens of Argentina began the use of cryptocurrencies long ago as they had no trust in the government and in the banks. Currently  Argentina takes the lead  in digital currencies in Latin America  and  more businesses have  started using  bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their stores. Read more here.

Argentina has made a strong investment in energy that can be renewed so as to become more sustainable. Their main intention  is to have renewable energy taking up to  twenty percent of their national electric energy consumption and this is planned to happen by 2025.  In order to attain this goal Argentina started auctions for renewable energy so as to attract investors from other countries. It also offers rewards  such as early VAT recovery, quicker deprecation, no minimum national income tax, no import duties and relief from other relevant taxes.

Argentina has ensured more involvement in the international market. It has become a member of MERCOSUR which enables it to gain access to the member countries with lower taxes and legal requirements this increases the trading capacity of the country and thereby attracting business with other countries.

Argentina has ensured it grows the young local talent making it a great investment location. Majority of the young people can speak both English and Spanish and have also attained secondary education  making it easy for an investor to get local talent to run the business.  It is important for one to make a visit to the country in order to learn more about the people and other things such as their culture before deciding to invest there.
Why You Should Do Business In Argentina